DAZZLE [powered by BelCham] prepares gen Z for the world of tomorrow

N  ew Y  ork City, September 29 – Today, BelCham launches the inaugural cohort of DAZZLE, a virtual learning track for Generation Z (18-25 years) live from the United States of America. Participants will be guided on a stimulating path of workshops and activities around the central theme of "finding purpose.”


2020 was a frustrating year for many but especially for young professionals and those just entering the workforce. BelCham wants to help this generation uncover their purpose, build confidence, and help define a [professional] trajectory aligned with their passions and interests.


Over the years, BelCham provided ~800 young professionals the chance to come to the USA via our J-1 visa program. We found that an international learning and working experience has a profound impact on the future career plans of young professionals, promoting greater confidence, self-awareness and ambition.  Closed or open borders, we continue to equip the upcoming generation with opportunities to nurture a global mindset and a can-do attitude,” says Laurence Van den Keybus, Co-Managing Director, BelCham.


By 2025, Gen Z will make up a third of the global workforce. DAZZLE will provide this generation with the unique experience of connecting with world-leading founders, mentors and experts based in the United States - from social impact entrepreneurs to Broadway performers- during weekly master classes aimed at fostering a culture of creative thinking and new definitions of personal success. Hosts will impart lessons learned/learning based on their respective journey and leave participants with key take-aways and thought-provoking homework. The curriculum will also include workshops on personal branding and resume building.


The word “dazzle” refers to a group of zebras and reflects BelCham’s desire to support zebra companies; those who account for people, purpose and planet while achieving profitability and creating tangible social impact. “We know that Gen Z sees the world differently. They are an always-connected, socially conscious generation with a vision to reshape the world and with green/social principles in their DNA. We want to guide this generation to become the entrepreneurs of the future by helping them find their voice and empower them with newfound confidence during these uncertain times,” says Valerie Van den Keybus, Co-Managing Director, BelCham.


Thanks tot he generous support of SFPI-FPIM, BelCham is able to offer 35 extraordinary individuals from different walks of life the opportunity to participate. The cohort is selected based on motivation, entrepreneurial hunger and a passion to bring bright ideas to the workplace and/or the world. At the end of the program, participants will be asked to share their respective purpose statement, a summary of what they have learned, and a simple plan describing how they will continue that growth. A select group of participants will also receive ongoing career mentoring and personalized career guidance.


More about the partners of DAZZLE
DAZZLE is made possible thanks to the support of SFPI-FPIM.  More info about SFPI-FPIM: https://www.sfpi-fpim.be/en
AmCham Belgium, AIESEC Belgium and Jong VOKA Waasland-Antwerpen are supporting partners.

More about BelCham
BelCham, the Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce of the United States, is an independent not-for-profit and NGO. BelCham is the driving force behind international business growth and a central access point for Belgians in the US. BelCham offers support to ambitious students, starters and companies to boost their respective careers and ventures: www.belcham.org 

BelCham is a trusted sponsor designated by the US Department of State to administer a J-1 Exchange Visitor Program for 19 years (intern and trainee categories), and is committed to investing in the professional success of future generations.

In 2021, BelCham launched its digital platform to connect the Transatlantic professional community. Join here: www.belchamonline.org/signup 



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