Launcher opens HQ & Factory in Los Angeles, California

On June 18, 2021, Launcher inaugurated its first rocket factory and new headquarters in Hawthorne, California.

The building includes a 4,000 square-foot office area and a 20,000 square-foot rocket factory floor - featuring 2,000 amps of power and machine tools from Haas, Doosan, Sodick, Flex Arm as well as a Velo3D Sapphire metal (Inconel) 3D printer. Many more machines are on the way, including an AMCM M4K copper alloy-capable 3D printer.

Max Haot, founder and CEO of Launcher, inaugurated Launcher headquarters with a few words to the team: “No one ever built a ship without a shipyard,” Haot announced. “This is our first shipyard, a prerequisite to reaching the stars, and a very special day for our team.”

It is a long journey to orbit, but the opening of Launcher HQ and factory further paves the way. The Launcher team pushes on towards the development of the world’s most efficient rocket to deliver small satellites to orbit. The new headquarters brings new opportunities for scaling the team.



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