Trusted Family Co-founders, Edouard Janssen and Edouard Thijssen, featured on The Family Business Podcast

One of the elements to the last year or so that we may look back on as a silver lining to the cloud that has been the global pandemic is that it has accelerated certain elements of how we run our businesses.

One area this has been seen is in the digitisation of the family business. Whether that is in our processes, our documentation or simply in how we meet with others using technology in the absence of an ability to meet face to face.

However, digitisation is also seen as one of the areas of business that we find more challenging and so on this weeks so I speak to Edouard Janssen and Edouard Thijssen of Trusted Family about how they tackled the issue of digitisation in their own family businesses and how this launched a product that other families can use.

Their story highlights the opportunities that may exist within your own family business and the tips that they share will help you with how to get started.

Trusted Family

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