Belgian Boys on The Startup Weekly's list of 2021 CPG Companies to Watch

Belgian Boys were awarded a spot on The Startup Weekly's list of 2021 CPG Companies to Watch.

The Startup Weekly presented its 2021 Consumer Products & Services Companies to Watch. Awardees were selected from a pool of both (i) applications received and (ii) companies shortlisted by The Startup Weekly editorial board. Each awardee was evaluated by a panel of judges comprised of investors, entrepreneurs, executives, and other thought leaders. Inclusion in the final awards list was based on several factors, including 2020 business achievements, demonstrated business resiliency, contributions to thought leadership, product and/or service strength, and contributions to the business community at large. From Teriyaki Madness to Coffeebar, the awardees represent some of today’s most beloved and highest-growth brands. Congratulations to the winners — The Startup Weekly is excited to see what you achieve in 2021 and beyond!

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