Corda Campus (Flanders): the new Valhalla for start-ups

Flanders’ Corda Campus in Hasselt is the place to be when it comes to start-ups and scale-ups, according to a study by Omar Mohout,  professor of entrepreneurship at Antwerp Management School. “More than 10% of all technology companies in Belgian clusters are housed on this tech campus in Flanders,” Omar Mohout reveals.

Cross-pollination with other companies

Flanders’ Economy Minister Hilde Crevits said it before: “Limburg is a mecca for starters.” And Corda Campus seems to be one of driving forces behind this statement. According to Omar Mohout, one of the reasons for the campus’ success is its proximity to established businesses.

Cross-fertilization is vital for young companies. 79 clusters of young companies in close proximity with established businesses exist in Belgium. These clusters are home to at least 23% of all our country’s start-ups and scale-ups.

Omar Mohout

professor of entrepreneurship at Antwerp Management School

Talent for tech

In particular, digital tech companies are thriving on Corda Campus in Hasselt. More than 10% of all technology companies in Belgian clusters are housed there. Omar Mohout: “In addition, Corda Campus is not only the largest technology campus in the country, but also the most international and diverse.” An example? Previously, the campus entered into a partnership with the Chinese province of Guangdong.

What’s more, in the context of technology and innovation, the campus has a leading position in artificial intelligence (AI) and software as a service (SaaS).

Tech companies on Corda Campus have already collectively raised over EUR 100 million in growth capital.

Omar Mohout

professor of entrepreneurship at Antwerp Management School

Inspiring home base

Raf Degens, general manager of Corda Campus, is proud of the campus’ high ranking in Omar Mohout’s study: “Our campus aims to be an inspiring home for growing companies where there is time and space for business, but where the community also plays an important role,” he clarifies.

“In addition, Corda is home to a high proportion of female founders and CEOs,” Raf Degens adds. “Meanwhile, the Corda INCubator is the campus’ hub for start-ups. In addition to transforming the incubator in 2021, we welcomed new manager Roel Mentens, who will ensure even more cross-fertilization from June onwards.”

Success = vision + knowledge

Science Park Limburg and C-Mine Crib, peer incubators in Flanders, also received honorable mentions in Omar Mohout’s research. Emerging hotspots include IncubaThor in Genk (Flanders). Droneport in Sint-Truiden (Flanders) gets good marks for its specialization in drones and space travel.

Omar Mohout cites two additional reasons for this success: “The fact that Limburg is doing so well undoubtedly has to do with the sophisticated vision that has been developed there, in connection with the knowledge institutions. A good policy can definitely shape an excellent vision!”

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