BELCHATS | Come for the conversation. Stay for the community.

Buckle up — it’s 2021 and we're taking it full-throttle! Are you ready to embrace what comes next?

On Thursday, January 28, BelCham will bring our new digital platform to life. To celebrate the launch of our online (ad)ventures, we invite you to join us for a series of online community talks - we call them “BelChats” - with our transatlantic network to gain rousing perspectives and create serendipitous connections.

BelChats” will give you a taste of the interactions and discussions that will take place on our digital platform, and will let you experience the impact of our connected network. Here is how it works:

  • Register here
  • BelCham community members across the US will host online roundtables and facilitate intimate conversations with up to 15 registered guests
  • Join the conversation by registering for one (or more) chats throughout the day  
  • Gain rousing, new insights, and make strategic and meaningful connections with other “mystery” guests. Come prepared to share, (un)learn and discover unexpected synergies 
  • Your event registration will grant you automatic access to our new digital platform (freemium access for non-members; premium access for members)


8.30-9.30am ET | Sophie Vandebroek, Tech Exec (IBM, Xerox) Trustee, Scholar, & Digital Expert (LinkedIn

9.30-10.30am ET | Marion Debruyne, Dean Vlerick Business School (LinkedIn)

11am-12pm ET | Dan Butchko, CEO & Founder, Playcrafting (LinkedIn

12.30-1.30pm ET | Jean-Arthur Regibeau Ambassador of Belgium to the USA (Profile) & Marianne Amssoms, CEO Carpe Mutatio & President BelCham (LinkedIn)

2-3pm ET | Louis Jonckheere, CEO & Chief Product Officer, Showpad (LinkedIn)

2.30-3.30pm ET | Chris Deaver, Senior HR Director & Exec Coach, VMware, xDisney, xApple (LinkedIn)

4-5pm ET | Jonas Mallisse, Co-Founder, Belgium & Chief Expansion Officer, USA, TooGoodToGo (LinkedIn)


Full agenda and descriptor of table topics for download HERE 


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