There was a time when we would go online. Today, we “live” online so BelCham is evolving our offering to meet our members whenever (always on) and wherever (across oceans and around the USA) they are.

A whole new world of (online) connectivity and collaboration is ahead! It is our vision to create the most generous, collaborative community of Transatlantic professionals who turn mutual support into a competitive advantage

Over the next six months, we will be further customizing and designing this digital community platform to make our members' journey easier, more supportive and more enjoyable. Here, you’ll find a like-minded network, member directory, vital resources and many other perks to help members tap into new opportunities.

We plan a full launch mid-January with the support of our partners: Hodgson RussIMSKBC and LRM

In the meantime, we count on our Beta users - YOU - for support, honest feedback and ideas to make this the best, most powerful and helpful online resource for our community. Here are some simple ways to get started:

  • Fill out your profile so you can be discovered and contacted by other beta users on the platform
  • Introduce yourself. And connect with fellow beta users (including founders, entrepreneurs, peers, and future friends) 
  • Register and attend virtual events via the “Events” tab 
  • Browse exciting happenings in the “News & Updates” tab and flag your own professional developments as well
  • Explore the various discounts & rewards available on the "Perks & Benefits" tab, and submit your own
  • Leave an #ASK or an #OFFER in the discussion area ("Community Helpdesk") to get help or start helping your fellow community members
  • Sign up for weekly feedback beta sessions ("Events") or leave ideas and suggestions ("Community Helpdesk") 

PRO TIP: We recommend to bookmark the public homepage for easy and regular access and turn on weekly notifications (Profile> My Settings> Notifications) so you stay updated on the going-ons on the platform.


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