Too Good To Go wins Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Pioneer Award at Reuters Responsible Business Awards

The Reuters Events Responsible Business Awards are the only recognised global awards celebrating the leading strategies shaping the future of sustainable business. Seeing their ambition and impact gives hope that we can meet the challenges and goals that lie ahead. This year Too Good To Go won 2 awards!

🏆 As a company Too Good To Go was named the SDG Pioneers of 2021

Reuters: “The most innovative submission with a new business model that wholly supports solutions for SDG targets. Judges liked the specificity of the SDG and the pioneering way of looking at it.”

🏆 Too Good To Go's Lucie Basch was also awarded the Future Pioneer Award of 2021, which hails a pioneering individual driving change and ambition that has demonstrated inspiring, motivational and passionate action, plus a clear commitment to long-term impacts

Reuters: “The killer thing is scale - it's fascinating! It’s obvious how well Lucie has collaborated with others and been a major influencer alongside Too Good to Go’s partners, demonstrated through real data and metrics. Here, Lucie’s entrepreneurship is about driving systems change and that’s what we wanted to see.”

Source: Reuters

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